Wax sheets for bees

Wax sheets for bees from natural wax are produced on factory equipment. In order to obtain high-quality wax sheets for bees and without the risk of infecting bees with various diseases, the wax that is put into stainless steel containers must stand for at least 12 hours at a certain temperature, which helps to protect bees from diseases. The temperature in the containers where the wax settles for at least 2-3 hours should rise to 130 degrees Centigrade, in which case the wax begins to release steam to the outside, while losing a large percentage of the residual water that it contains. Also, at a temperature of 130 degrees Centigrade, all harmful microorganisms, that have a bad effect on bees, die. The removal of water from the wax helps to increase the hardness of the wax sheets and increases the density – which is a favorable factor at a high temperature of 36-40 degrees Centigrade during the summer period inside the hive.

Wax sheets for bees made on our equipment go through all of the above processes and are of high quality.

We sell various sizes of wax sheets for bees:

  • Dadant - 27cm*42cm
  • Layens - 30cm*35cm
  • Langstroth - 20cm*42cm
  • Media Alza - 13cm*41cm

The most popular wax sheet sizes used by beekeepers are Dadant and Layens. Some beekeepers make wax sheets by hand, pouring wax into silicone molds, but at the same time, at home, the wax does not undergo sufficient heat treatment and harmful microorganisms enter the wax sheets for bees, thereby greatly harming the life of bees, and sometimes entire bees die out due to the fact that the bees start to get sick.

Only natural beeswax is used for production of wax sheets for bees.

The quality of the wax is checked in a special laboratory for the presence of various impurities that can badly affect the bees. And only after checking, the wax is put into the containers for melting and settling.

You can buy high quality wax sheets for bees on our website.

 It is very important to store wax sheets properly after the purchase. We recommend storing in a dark room with a low temperature of +5-+20 degrees Centigrade. Sunlight on wax sheets is contraindicated!

The wax sheets that we sell are packed in thick cardboard boxes and each box has a net weight of 10 kilograms of finished product. You can also buy wax sheets in our online store starting from one kilogram.