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Wax for bulk candles. Color - mint, 1kg

Article: 990252256

Price: UAH (3.87 €)

Product information

Bulk candle wax is used to make candles.
To make a candle you need to choose a flask or glass in which to place your candle, a wick soaked in wax
and wax.
How to make a candle
Take a thick glass beaker, fill it with wax and add a wick soaked in wax.
The wick does not need to be additionally fastened, it is simply inserted in the wax.
It is very important to choose the diameter of the wick; if your candle is big in diameter and the wick is
thin, the candle will burn out.
You can put several wicks in one candle to make the candle burn brighter.
It is very easy to make these candles yourself, and they give a cozy and romantic atmosphere to your


This candle comes in 1kg wax packs,

Ingredients: palm wax

Burning time: 100 grams of the wax burns for 7-8 hours.