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Candle Mold a Heart M

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Material: Silicone


The silicone mold for candles can have cuts on both sides so that you can easily get the finished candle out of the mold. To form in the set are special rubber bands with the help of which the walls of the form are tightly strengthened so that the wax does not flow out of it.

The wick is pulled with a needle, you need to stretch the end of the wick into the needle, and then use the needle to pierce the bottom of the mold and stretch the wick.

From above, the wick is attached using the upper wick holder. As the top wick holder, you can use a wooden stick to which you attach the wick by tying it on it.

At the bottom of the mold, the wick is held by the silicone itself, no lower wick holders need to be used.

In the prepared form, pour melted wax, the temperature of the wax can be from 55 to 70 degrees, depending on which wax you use.

Also, if desired, you can add flavors for candles and dyes to the melted candle mass.

Leave the candle to cool completely for 8-10 hours at room temperature, while watching, if the candle shrinks, add wax from above.

After the candles have completely solidified, carefully remove the finished product from the mold and, if desired, you can decorate with special paints for decorating candles.




Height= 32mm;

Candle weight-80 grams