In our online shop you can buy products with which you can make your own candles for home or for sale.

If you want to try making your own candles but don't know how to start, just try buying a few sheets of colored beeswax foundation, a wick and make a small candle in the shape you want, it's very easy. You can decorate your product with various decorative ribbons, dried flowers, cinnamon sticks and other decor. You can use whatever you like as decor, but don't forget to remove the decor when you decide to light the candles.

The most important thing when making candles from any material is, of course, a good mood. Try, experiment with combinations of different materials, and you will definitely find your own special way of making candles. 

Why is it better to buy foundation from us?

Our family have been producing beeswax foundation since 2005. During this time, we have known a lot of secrets of the right choice of quality wax, we have a huge base of quality wax suppliers. We constantly monitor the quality in production, we produce foundation on high-quality equipment. When coloring wax, organic dyes are used. Thanks to the recipe we developed for coloring wax, we already have 40 colors in our palette.

Since the production of beeswax foundation is our family business, we are always worried about the quality of our product, we are constantly trying to improve it, we produce foundation on the certified factory equipment. We try to make the best product for our customers.

How can you make a candle from beeswax sheets?

To make it, you can use both natural wax foundation for bees and dyed wax foundation for candles.

Before you start working, you need to prepare beeswax sheets. They should be slightly warmed up to prevent their cracking during twisting.

What kind of wick is used to make wax candles?

It is best to use a wick made from natural materials. To make the candle burn beautifully, it is important to choose the right thickness of the wick and saturate it with wax.

What kind of candles can be made from beeswax sheets?

The most common candles are cylinders, they are the easiest to makeyou just need to twist a beeswax sheet, and you can adjust the thickness of the finished product yourself. The thicker the candle is, the more wax sheets you need to twist into the candle.

You can cut figures from wax (hearts, mushrooms) and collect them into a candle children really like this activity. For children, you can arrange various workshops; they can twist candles, cut out various shapes, beeswax foundation can be used for modeling instead of plasticine.