What are bulk candles and where to buy them
Bulk candles are candles in glass flasks or glasses, they contain palm wax, which is crumbly in texture, in
round granules. The wax is simply poured into the glass and does not need to be heated.
They have a burning time of 7 to 8 hours. After the candle burns out, you can throw away the rest of the
wax and the wick, and pour the new wax into the same glass and insert the new wick. They are
therefore very easy to use.
You can buy the wax for the bulk candles in our online shop, as we can choose and other materials for
the manufacture of candles.
Advantages of such candles
They are safe in use, do not burn, do not emit harmful substances when burned, do not change their
shape. You can replenish the wax as it burns and you have a continuously renewing candle.
It is easy to combine different colours in the same flask, pour different colored wax in layers, you can do
it together with children they love such creative activities.
Bulk wax for candles is taken for master classes, it is easy to use as it does not need to be heated and no
additional equipment is needed to make a candle.
You need a pack of wax, a flask or glass, a wick and a good mood. You just pour the wax into the flask,
put the wick in the centre and your candle is ready.
Where to use them
They are used to create a special atmosphere, that is why they are often ordered for restaurants, used
on summer terraces, because they do not go out in the wind, because the glass bulb protects the
burning wick from the wind.
They are used at home because they are safe and give a cosy atmosphere for both a festive dinner and
just a good evening spent at home with the family.
For themed parties, weddings, carnivals, Halloween celebrations. You can choose your own candle
flasks, colours and sizes. You just need to buy the wax for bulk candles in the colour you want, the wick
and the flask of the size and shape you want. Pour the wax into the flask, insert the wick and your candle
is ready.
When choosing a candle dish, choose flasks made of heat-resistant glass.
Don't leave children near burning candles, and keep them away from curtains and things that could
catch fire. Always extinguish candles when leaving the house.