Candle fragrance dispensers

When you make candles, you want to make not only a beautiful candle, but also a candle with a nice
aroma, such candles are more popular in sales.
To add different scents for candles use special scents for candles, which you can buy in online shops and
specialized candle shops.
Nowadays there are many manufacturers of scents for candles, but the most popular are scents made in
Spain, France and Germany.
When buying scents, it is very important to buy exactly the right scents for your candles, as other types
of scents may simply not work in your product.
When making a candle, it is very important to follow the instructions on how to add the scent to the
wax. If you don't follow the instructions you may not get the scent you want when the candle is heated.
Scented candles are very popular for holidays such as New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day or simply for
romantic evenings. Also these candles are best bought for massage salons, beauty salons, restaurants.
Making themed candles
In making candles on the theme of desserts (candle cake, cupcake) fragrance used vanilla, chocolate,
If you make fruit candles (apple, banana, tangerine) they add fragrances corresponding to the fruit.
It is very popular nowadays to use scents of famous brand perfumes for house candles.
For candles in the form of plants or flowers, you can use a floral fragrance palette.
How to properly add fragrance to a candle mixture.
In a melted candle mixture to a temperature no higher than 60-70 degrees, to be more exact you should
look in the instructions of the scent manufacturer individually, add 20 drops per 1 kg of the candle mass,
if you want a more saturated flavor you can add more.
In any case, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Do not exceed the temperature indicated in
the instructions.

You can buy high-quality scents for candles in our online shop, our consultants will always tell you how
to properly use it. Fragrances are packaged in handy 10 ml dispenser bottles for easy use.
What is better fragrance or aroma oils?
Not all fragrance oils can be used in the manufacture of candles. Aromatisers, which have been specially
developed for such a mixture, must be added to the melted candle mass so that they do not change
their aroma as they are heated.
Aroma oils are used in making massage candles of soy wax, because the melting point of the soy wax is
low, the fragrance of the added oil does not change. It is advisable to use only natural oils of good
quality for this type of candles, so as not to cause an allergic reaction when massaging.