About us

Our company is based in Spain and is one of the leaders in production of beeswax foundation.Thanks to our high-tech equipment, we have developed a unique technology for production of beeswax foundation. Our employees constantly monitor the quality of raw materials and products. Natural wax foundation can be used both in beekeeping and for making candles. Candles from our foundation will bring a unique comfort and warmth to your home. 

We have been producing wax foundation for bees since 2005, and since 2019 our company has launched the production of colored foundation and colored wax. Only certified natural dyes are used for wax coloring. We always go towards our customers and can fulfill individual non-standard orders. Our production is located in Ukraine and we send our products all over Europe and America.

Why should you buy beeswax foundation from us?

Our family have been producing foundation since 2005, and during this time we have known a lot of secrets about the right choice of quality wax, we have a huge base of quality wax suppliers. We constantly monitor the quality in production, we produce foundation on the high-quality equipment. When coloring wax, organic dyes are used. Thanks to the wax coloring recipe developed by us, we already have more than 40 colors in our palette.

Since the production of beeswax foundation is our family business, we always worry about the quality of our product, we are constantly trying to improve it, we produce beeswax foundation on the certified factory equipment. We try to make the best product for our customers.