Candle wick

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    How to choose the right wick for a candle

    It is very important to choose the right wick for good burning of a candle. To do this, you need to know the basic rules for choosing a wick. First, when choosing its diameter, you need to focus on the diameter of your candle, that is, the larger the candle is in diameter, the thicker the wick should be. So, if you use a wick of a smaller diameter than you need for a candle of a large diameter, then it will burn very badly. On the contrary, if you use a wick of a large diameter, for example 3 mm, for a candle of a small diameter (for example 2 cm), then the candle will burn out very quickly and, at the same time, the flame will be large and not beautiful. 

    The quality of the material also plays a big role when choosing a wick. It is desirable to make it from natural fibers, otherwise it will smoke and burn badly. In our online store you can buy a natural braided wick ofdifferent diameters. To make it burn well, it is recommended to saturate it with wax. For this you need to melt a small amount of wax and dip the wick into it several times.

    What are the types of wicks? 

    Braided – it consists of an interlacing of natural threads, may have a different weaving and thickness.

    Due to the fact that oxygen remains in the interlacing of the threads, it burns very well. It is used in the industrial production of candles and at home. It may or may not be for sale. The more threads the weavecontains, the thicker the wick is.

    Waxed such wick is passed through wax or paraffin, it becomessaturated and hardens. It is used for container candles and other types of handmade candles. Due to the fact that it is saturated with wax, it burns better.

    Veneer (wooden) they are made from a special veneer saturated with wax. Used for container and jellied candles. The advantage of such wick is that it does not go out in the street. That is, such candles can be used outdoors. 

    When you have decided what kind of candles you want to make and for what type of room, you can choose the right wick.