Candle dyes for wax and paraffin candles
Candle dyes
Internal colouring - they are added to the candle mass, complete colouring takes place and the coloured
mixture is then poured into moulds.
Colouring by dipping the finished product into the molten mass with dye. In this case, only superficial
colouring of the candle occurs. The more times you dip your product in the dye, the richer the colour
will be.
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How to dye the product in the colour you want
When colouring the mixture internally, add the colouring agent according to the instructions enclosed
with the dye of the given manufacturer. It is better to begin adding dye to the mixture in small
quantities, stir it and look at the colour saturation, if it is not rich enough for you, add it until you get the
shade you want. At the same time, always stir the mixture well until the dyes are completely dissolved.
The temperature of the mixture when dyeing should not exceed the temperature allowed for your
candle mass you wish to dye.
If you do not want to experiment with dyeing wax or paraffin, you can buy ready-made dyed candle
mass or dyed candle wax.
In this case, you will see from a glance what colour you get your product, it is convenient if you need to
make candles in delicate pastel colours, or you plan to use as a candle mass of natural beeswax. It is very

difficult to colour and may not always produce the colour you want. In these cases, therefore, we advise
to buy already coloured beeswax or candle wax from our online shop.
If you have questions about dyeing candles, you can always email us your questions and our specialists
will be sure to help you.
The coloured items should be left to dry completely, if you stain candles by dipping, it is better to hang
them up so that they do not touch anything. Make sure that the colouring is even on all sides.
Painted candles can be decorated or painted on with a brush.
Candles may have a slight smell of dye during the decoration, but this will disappear very quickly. In our
online shop, we sell only organic, innocuous dyes, specially formulated for candle-making.