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Beeswax foundation sheets for bees Trutneva 41x26 cm

Article: 895713

Price: UAH (8.04 €)

Product information

Beeswax foundation sheets for bees Trutneva 41x26 cm

Sheet size: 41x26 cm

In 1 kg -12-13 sheets

Beeswax foundation for bees consists of natural 100% beeswax.

In its manufacture, beeswax is disinfected by heating it to a temperature of 120 degrees. Then it settles for 10-12 hours at this temperature. If such a technological process is followed, all pathogenic bacteria that can adversely affect the health of bees die in beeswax.

The beeswax foundation made on professional factory equipment is of higher quality than that made at home, since the wax goes through the entire necessary technological process at the factory, which is very difficult to do at home.

When using foundation, it needs to be warmed up a little so that it becomes plastic (this is the case if you store foundation in a cold place). Heated foundation does not crumble when you work with it and you will be most comfortable working with prepared foundation.

The smell of foundation should be pleasant honey.

The color can be from yellow to brown, the color depends on which wax the foundation was made from.