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Candle wax color Purple

Article: 11289291

Price: UAH (4.56 €)

Product information

Candle wax, 0.7 kg slabs
Ready candle wax is intended for manufacturing candles, thanks to unique development of our
technologists, you don't need to experiment with various materials on candle manufacturing
(paraffin, stearin, ciresin etc.). You can buy ready candle wax, dyed with special dyes for
candles, you just need to melt it and pour into your molds.
Thus you will immediately see what colour your candles will be, you will not need to select
dyes. We want the process of making candles bring you only positive emotions, so we have
prepared for you a completely ready candle wax, when you work with that you will not have
any problems. Candles made with our candle wax hold their shape well and don't flow (with a
properly selected wick), and are perfectly removable from the moulds.
Paraffin, stearin, pigment
Directions for Usage:
Take a piece of candle wax, put it in a previously prepared bowl, melt it at 60-62 degrees, and
pour it into a candle mould. Leave for 6-8 hours until cured at room temperature. Carefully
open mould and take out candle.
Notice!!! Do not make sharp temperature drops, so that the candle does not give the shrinkage.
If the candle shrinks, pour the right amount of wax into the shrinkage area.